Sunday, June 28, 2009

With thanks, what to do.. Community

I can only guess all my complaining and bitching about no stories are local event are a rare thing in Qnotes. This week edition of Q-notes Matt found a Story from Greenville, shocking as I know it is.I was more shock by the article it self more.
GREENVILLE — Kevin Boyette, a recent public relations graduate of East Carolina University (ECU), has a plan.And, if he is successful, it will create a much-needed asset to this eastern North Carolina town.
He wants to open up a teen center.His motivation is to battle as a gay teen the isolation he experienced growing up. According to Carlton Purvis, a reporter with The East Carolinian who wrote in his story,“From Stonewall to Greenville,” “Greenville’s gay community is using formulas reminiscent of the civil rights movement of the ’50s and ’60s. The 20-something crowd is the catalyst and there’s no shortage of public demonstrations.”
This is strange since I have been researching to see if LGBT community in the East of NC would support a community center. I know that the first public meeting I was going to hold might have been in Greenville, I guess now I have to re think my concept of the center I want to start. In part because of this story but also because of a few very right down hateful emails.

I knew in the beginning that there would be some churches and other religious group who would try to fight this.It an email for a member of the community that has me very piss off. Basically in a nut shell I was inform that if I didn’t hold a Master or one or more PhD's that I shouldn’t even think about it at all. Once again it nice to know that you can always trust that some asshole will make a personal attack.

I know that my grammar skill are weak, however many great companies were started by those who didn’t even have a High Education at all.

My first thought was to blast back with a very nasty email, then I thought what if, this was bait email, testing to see just how I would handle it. I decided just to delete the email.

Well getting back to Q-notes, I would however like to thanks Matt for this first step, I understand that he might be under a lot of pressure and emails, faxes and voice mails; that he is simply doing his best. I do agree with him that if the Eastern NC LGBT community wants to be notice they need to step up to the plate as well. They have to get the word out about our local events.

My great friend Michael who has been helping me out, suggested that if there wasn’t enough community support not to give up, but start a new and unique LGBT business in Rocky Mount or Greenville and build from that business, and make important contacts that could be used later all down the road.

Another great friend of my has offer to let me use her place of business to hold local meeting as well after she closes. So things might not work completely out the way I would like, but I still have high “Hopes”, I still know if I choose to open this center in Rocky Mount I would be facing a huge battle with local churches which some are member of NC4Marriage..

so till its time, have a great day...

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