Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Post concern Q-notes

I hope with the post that clarifies my beef with Q-notes, I know that Matt and the owner of Q-note is getting tired of my bitching and whining about it leaving most of NC completely out.

This is my problem with Q-note, most of my thoughts concerning Q-note started long before the current editor came on board. When I read Q-notes this is what I see a local LGBT newspaper with some national coverage, its talk back, tell Trinity and the guest Contributors pieces. I used to read the quest piece from Joseph Urbaniak, called the LOCKDOWN, Yes I know that he is convicted sex offender, which led to a debate if we should give him a voice. Funny that since most gay men do prefer their partner be very young, and it’s not like a few of our very upstanding gay male citizens hasn’t have sex with and under age male.. In his case he got caught and when to jail. Since the poll online to see if Q-note should continued, I haven’t seen any more of his stories of life for gay behind bars. I guess I would have to write him personally to see how things are going..

What I have a problem is with is that it seems that on the local interest stories they are from Charlotte are the surrounding area, even now and then from Raleigh/Durham area. Its just not that stories of local LGBT’s that I have a problem with; it’s the perception that Q-notes is a Charlotte area only paper. By local interest stories for me of those about our LGBT community members.

I have received emails from Matt explaining why. That as the only staff writer it’s hard to reach out to all the communities east of 95. Ok, I will give him that one. Maybe the Eastern NC community does need to voice it events better. Then again, I see the other side as well.

I understand what Q-notes is support by ads revenue, however if by charge a small fee for this paper would help Q-note to get those hard to find local stories I would be more than happy to subscribe to Q-note on a yearly basis.

Matt said this in a comment on my blog,

As for news coverage from Eastern North Carolina: I never, ever here from folks in Eastern North Carolina. I don't live there so I can't hear the news on the ground through word of mouth. If no one ever tells me what's happening, I can't report on it.

Granted the local community does need to let him, however the only two places I know of east of 95 where you can pick up a copy of q-notes is in Wilmington. So let me ask is there places in the east for the community pick up this paper? True many might just read Q-notes online, those who do, but then fail to submit their event is hurting all us in the east.

I would also suggest since Q-note is known as a local and statewide newspaper that they would benefit from an intern for this job of seeking out statewide events. They could collaborate with the nearby colleges, get a student whom may be taking journalism in college. Where the work the student does for the paper goes towards a college credit as real world experience.  (just a thought)

I only wish I could do this, however I know my writing skill need much improvement, and that I lack the skills to be a writer for a paper of this magnitude. However this will be the last post where I complain about Q-note cover of the NC..

I have taken the challenge with some help from a friend to try to start a community center here in the Eastern part of North Carolina. A good friend who will soon be leaving to live abroad had been helping me to find the all the information I need to state this center. I can only hope the local community will support this center. I know it might not be like one of those in NY, DC or CA where the community lives out of 24/7/365, but it would be nice though wouldn’t it. I also hope to get a LGBT pride event held in the area as well.. Something small to start with, then as time goes on I hope to have a Pride event like those held in Raleigh and Charlotte.. One can only dream… Wait we are still allow to dream, that right hasn’t been taken away too has it??

I also know that once I fully commit to this project, that I must be more PC and watch what I say and write.

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