Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a Thought, my two cents

I have just finished watching the movie “Milk” and this is not a review about it. This is the shocking realization that those that don’t know their history are destined to repeat it. I can’t ask if we are to follow it, because we can see it for ourselves. Just change a few names, dates and propositions numbers and we are reliving it all over again.

Even the religious zealots are using the same ranting against us. Harvey Milk had the right ideas – support only those businesses that support us. We aren’t asking for any special privileges, but the same rights they have. Our declared rights of equality are all we want. If we are to be counted and accepted, we must all come out and declare ourselves.

I believe that when most people are given a choice of being anti-gay or loving their children, they would be pick loving their children. It is up to you to make a change. How else can we ever hope to share the same rights as our parents?

Our revolution has to start at home, here in North Carolina. It’s a sorry state of events when our own community doesn’t help get itself noticed. With all the dissension amongst our ranks, how can we ever get organized to make any changes? Take businesses like Q-notes, which is supposed to be our only LGBT newspaper. The only things politically based ever reported are things that have already happened. Even worst is that it is for a certain geographic area. Don’t claim to be a North Carolina Gay newspaper when in fact all you carry is old news pertaining to that certain geographic area. Include all of the state on an informative nature or call yourselves Charlotte’s gay birdcage liners. I not apologize for calling what I see. On the same note, why are we continuity sinking our hard-earned money into places that won’t recognize our struggle for equality? I for one refuse to patronize any anti-gay friendly businesses, like Cracker Barrel restaurants, which many gay people still eat at. Harris Teeter is another offender of this type of discrimination to some of us. Once a gay male is discovered by management – that “fag” is let go, while they continue to hire and promoted Lesbians in to management positions.

If we can’t get civil rights then its civil war, they get. Let’s take a note from the show “Wedding wars” on this one. I challenge all local gay owned businesses to refuse to do straight wedding during the main wedding season. In the words of Brain Kenny of QAF, “We are the planners, the caterers, the waiter, the florists, the hairdressers, the makeup artist, the bakers, and the dress designers, etc.” Why should we help to plan their special day, when we can’t even plan our own? Why should we aid them in their special day when they won’t let us have ours? Why should we aid them in destroying our dreams? It’s a matter of equality. When daddy’s little “Princess” can’t get the wedding of her dreams, because all the wedding specialist are not doing wedding for the current season and her daddy is a high-ranking official-only then will something happen. Like with any other obsolete laws it will take a resolution to change them. The time for action is now. The time for change is now.

To some this may sound extreme but desperate times call for desperate measures. United we stand, divide we fall. We’ve been falling for too long and its time we unite for what we believe in and deserve. I have hope for a better life; I have hopes for a better tomorrow.

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