Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NC's RESOLUTION 2009-20 for Jesse Helms

Yes it is true a bunch of self-rightest assholes in the NC GENERAL ASSEMBLY, wanted to honor is right out confess bigot Jesse Helms.

Ever since moving to NC back in the 90's this asshole has never be friend to anyone but money..

I remember reading about his death.. I was so delighted that it wasn't funny.

I'm sure there will be many blog posts and news stories in the days to come.

However I do like Matt's posts over at Q-notes,
“I could have never voted in favor of a resolution honoring Sen. Helms because of his divisive history and his anti-civil-rights principles,” said Sen. Floyd McKissick (D-Durham), according to an Associated Press report.
 there is this

Helms has been criticized, past and present, for his conservative racist and homophobic views and legacy. He was a chief opponent of HIV/AIDS funding during the 1980s AIDS crisis. He said gay men were “weak, morally sick wretches” who contracted the disease through their own “deliberate, disgusting, revolting conduct.”
 Jesse Helm was and still is revolting and disgusting, I only hope that in his final days he was in so much pain that no drug could ease..

A Q-Notes read left this comment,
The late Senator Helms has a lesbian granddaughter, an elected judge in NC, who lives in a committed relationship openly. One of Senator Helm’s senior aides worked with him to hurt gays and lesbians, and was in a three decade committed gay relationship with three adopted kids.
First off I wasn't aware of his granddaughter, the pain he must put her through. However if it is true, this self hating fucking faggot Aid need to have his teeth kick in and both hands smash with a  hammer.

Jesse Helm did alot of damage to our community, however these fags would work for these bigots do more damage then the bigot. These self-hating faggots just need to go str8 and leave our community for ever.

I thanks the one who voted against this, those who walk out...

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