Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emails, twitter, and other items

A few days I create a Facebook event for the Town hall Meeting that Equality NC will be holding soon in Greenville, NC.

this is what I got on behalf of Qnotes,

Fullscreen capture 3182011 63848 PM.bmp

Ok then I reply with this, and the return reply, even though I think he was being a smart ass.
Matt Comer (interstateq) on Twitter_1300488106049

So I really thought about writing the piece, which would be a challenge for me... I have seen Qnotes guidelines for submissions. So I knew it might be hard for me to do.

Then out of the blue Friday morning just a bit pass 10 am I got a nice little email for Matt, the editor of Qnotes.

In this email, Matt basically told me, even if I wrote the piece on Equality NC Town Hall Meeting In Greenville, he wouldn’t used it till I made a public apology to all of his so-called colleagues in advocacy and in news-media both in the state and nationwide.

From Matt, on the behalf of Qnotes:
I think a sincere, public apology and retraction is in order. Until then, I see no reason why I should give you a platform on the sites and/or news organizations I manage or own to draw attention to those writings/statements.

So now to report on community event you must not upset the status quo. I really have to wonder how Matt got this Job in the first place considering his age at the time..

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