Saturday, March 12, 2011

This issue of Qnotes: Cruising the Parks for Sex.

In this issue of Qnotes which can be found here, there are two very interesting stories. The first one is “Game on” in Tar heal marriage fight, and the other is a more a of a rant by Matt Comer, the Editor. The story is named Correcting the Record: WBTV’s anti-gay and sensationalistic Tabloidism.

Ok the first story one can guest what is it all about. More are least the marriage fight is now coming to NC..

The WBTV story is all about gay sex in Public places.. He didn’t like the story was told, claiming they left important facts, and blame the community as a whole. So what is the story about.

It was report that a web site design for guys to find gay-cruising listing in their cities or states. The site had a listing for a Charlotte area park. Yes, a Park where guys can meet up and get their rocks off.

Now men having sex is parks are nothing new, it be going on for a very long time, a very long time. Also this is the first park in NC to get a write up in the local paper, nor on the local TV Station. Hell, most of these parks can be found in the Gay cruising international book called Damron, that list all the place where gay men can met other gay men for some hot male on male action, and/or group action.

Back in the mid 90’s Rocky Mount’s Battle Park, made it self in the papers and on TV. Yes, men were meeting other men for sex in this park, even today it still goes on. Even after the city clear most of the sex spot out, but up signs that claim the park is under video surveillance. These signs have not stop it from happening. Ok, straight couple go there to sex as well in the parking lots.

So I don’t understand why Matt lost his load on this story. 

It would that Matt didn’t like the reply back from the station.

Steve Crump reported:
“Meanwhile, Comer feels some in Charlotte’s gay community are being stigmatized by those who break the law in public places.
“‘I don’t think it’s the job of the entire gay community to apologize for the actions a few within our community,’ Comer said.”
Well, Matt had this to say,
Instead, as related to both Dennis Milligan and Steve Crump and as stated during my interview with WBTV, I believe it is the media and many times police departments — not only in Charlotte but across the nation — which too often and irresponsibly correlate illegal sexual activity among men with the entire gay community. Given that positive coverage of the gay community is often few and far between, negative stories like these do a great disservice to this minority community.
Ok, negative stories hurt, wow, Matt what if it is the truth. Cause everyone knows the truth does more damage then a lie ever could. Because, one can’t really defend themselves from the truth.
but wait it not over yet,
Real facts and figures show a reality much different from WBTV’s hysterical and hyped-up sensationalism. There have been no reported or documented incidents of illegal sexual activity in a half-mile radius of James Boyce Park since Jan. 1, 2009. Further, figures from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on the number of charges for solicitation of a crime against nature throughout the entire city and county in 2010 and 2011 reveal that the overwhelming majority of cases involve heterosexual prostitution.
Ok, just because gay men are more careful then you local prostitution doesn’t really mean much. Cause almost every gay man now the sign the movement that mean lets have sex. When in the car, the pumping of the brake lights, flash the headlights, and slow way down.
While out on the trails the slight touching to the groin area, chest and butt area. the wink, and half smile, looking back after you have pass each other.
The simple fact is that Matt didn’t like the station airing our dirty laundry out for the public to see it. Men (gay and straights, closeted) do met in parks, road side rest areas, for sex. This has been happening so long that no one knows when it started. Also they meet in old abandoned building in industrial parts of cities and towns.

Maybe the reason why he got all bent out of shape is that he might be one of the many gay men in Charlotte who is or has visit this park for a quickie, either in the car or on the trails.. now that the cat is out the bag, there will be more patrols by the local Police dept. to make sure these acts or not going on.
The reason why the locals and police know that this is happen there, is because the gay men are just plain stupid. They only care about busting that nut that after they leave the condom and wrapped where they had sex at. This is the tall tell signs that someone had sex there. I’m glad that they having sex safe, but fail to clean up afterward.

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