Monday, March 7, 2011

I have been ban/block from Commenting at????

Sad, but True that the editor of NC only LGBT newspaper has block me from commenting , after a comment flame war over at his person blog.


I recently stop being such a negative Nancy when commenting. I post two comments on this post, as to date they have not been approve.


‘Game on’ in Tar Heel marriage fight « qnotes - north carolina south carolina lgbt arts entertainment news views_1299334122936 - Copy.pngthen after I check WRAL Marriage Poll, I post another comment stating maybe things in NC are getting better, that more folk have voted no for the Amendment against same-sex marriage.


I know he knows about, since the post was update to correct an error, that he made. 


I really don’t care one way are another,it just gives me something to rag on Qnotes and him about.

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