NC Senate leader faces April speeding court date

I didn’t know the speed has changed… What a lie… however I’m sure the DA or the judge will drop the case for this Rep. asshole…


6693291_600x338RALEIGH -- A court date is set for Sen. Phil Berger after being accused of speeding the week before being elected leader of the North Carolina Senate.


Berger's office said Monday he was cited Jan. 19 for traveling 77 mph in a 55 mph zone on Interstate 85 in Rowan County. Berger said he was traveling from Charlotte to Eden when a trooper gave him a ticket. He said he hadn't noticed the speed limit had changed from 65 mph to 55 when he was stopped.


His case was supposed to be heard in court last week, but Berger said it was continued. A court calendar now says it's April 8.


Berger said he didn't tell the trooper he was a senator and expected to be treated like others accused of speeding.


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