Sunday, March 6, 2011

Outgiving 2011 is now over, what is to come…

Yes the two day event where the cost to attend was $1400.00 per person is now over.

Yet still nothing is being said. What was talked about, who was there, and what new policies were created?

Will our NC blogger over at the Pams houseblend report what was going on at this very secretive meeting, or will be kept in the dark.

other blogger had this to say about Outgiving 2011;

10 Questions about the Mysterious Event called OutGiving 2011

this was said about the last Outgiving;

here’s where #OutGiving secrecy does a disservice to the movement at large: Real progress won’t come as long as politicians, particularly Democrats, can rely on big gay money even after doing nothing to earn it.

what about this question;

No press allowed? If Obama or HRC did this, there would a haterade for the next 3 months from certain bloggers and activists. Where is the transparency?

I know one blogger who would made it her mission to find out why. Yet she is now apart of this group, so I doubt we will see anything from her…

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