Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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In theory, a Freedom of Information Act request should be the "Free Space" on the bingo card of political journalism (just hear us out). If fully enforced, the 1966 law -- compelling the government to produce information about nearly any aspect of its operation if asked -- could allow a reporter, no matter how green, to gain access to previously undisclosed documents and information. While seasoned D.C. journalists might have a stable of sources thanks to years of meeting people at book parties or dating people who room with Financial Services staffers (or whatever qualifies as pavement-pounding in this city), a FOIA request could, if properly exploited, provide a young D.C. journalist with a much-needed starter-scoop (See?! It's the space that everyone gets! NAILED. IT.). However, a new report from George Washington University's National Security Archive indicates that the law continues to be haphazardly enforced, despite an executive order from President Obama on his first full day in office to streamline its implementation. Writes Time's Adam Sorensen: "The review of the 28 government agencies that handle most FOIA requests showed only 4 releasing more information, 5 are withholding even more data, and another 18 have showed "mixed" results. Only 13 of 90 agencies across the government produced documentation proving changes to FOIA practices since Obama signed his order in 2009."

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