Friday, March 4, 2011

OutGiving Secret Gay Inc., Conference in FL

For those whom might not know there is another Dallas type meeting happening in Miami Fl, this weekend (THE MIAMI AGENDA 2011). Two hundred people were email a special invite to this event. Then they had to registered for the event which cost $1400.00 per person. This Event was hosted and planned by the Gill Foundation.. 


One of NC own bloggers was invited to this event. Yes Pam of Pam’s houseblend was invited and went to this Event.

This was her first tweet about the event,

Report from #Outgiving - panels on great topics - #DADT, #marriage, social media (mine), #trans #bullying, etc.; nothing top secret IMHO.

TwitLonger- RT @ngblog- The subject matter is not top secret (actually I signed the opposite of an NDA -- a rele_1299278832996
Yet I’m sure the majority are bloggers and LGBT activist which mean there are already in the public as a public figure.

TwitLonger- @ngblog @sickntired all I've seen is listening & learning -- this is the 1st time social media u_1299279424571
Social media has been around since Obama got elected. as for the entire LGBT ecosystem,this type can survive without each other, unlike those in a true ecosystem.

Yes More Rich gay men trying to take ownership of the LGBT movement. They also are trying to turn the movement into what they want it to be. Not what is truly in the best interest of our communities.

TwitLonger- Sorry, @NGBlog, no decisions, policy or otherwise, are being made. Donors simply want to support the_1299280194718
This one remind me of that other secret meeting that took place with out us knowing till we got told about these so-called principles called THE Dallas Principles. We all know how they working for us. Right, Right, Right.

Only 5% donate to the movement, wow, I did think it was higher.

Ok, many us knows that no matter how much we give it won’t go where it’s need. We also know that many of our Big Organizations don’t have our best interest at all at heart. In most cases the money is wasted on programs which everyone knows won’t work.

We know that these group only cater to the fat cats whom thinks they better then those who are actually pounding the streets, working the phones lines, getting those emails and newsletters out to the masses.

Now Pam claim they are not hiding anything, yet won’t name names, cause she want to protect their privacy. This is complete and utter bullshit. The real reason these are the names of the people who actually belong to the insiderout group, the Gay Country club and most importantly Gay Inc.

So just who are these other 199 folks that are in Miami speaking on our behalf, who is deciding what new strategies and Initiatives that we must accept.

TwitLonger- @arewemarried Yes, thank you. Pooling resources and being able to support equality efforts is the ov_1299294402355
Ok, Pam leave the water along,, stop drinking it now.

Funny that you are sounding like Maggie and Brian here. WE are trying to force them to release their donors names, so we can see who is against yes, and you are saying its ok for our donors to be anonymous…

We can’t have it both ways, oks if living here is so bad for you and Kate, allow me to make a suggestion, MOVED.

if #outgiving has nothing to hide, invite the media, post the names of all the attendees, and provide details on what is being said. if not then we need to stop harassing NOM to release their donors names.

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