Saturday, March 26, 2011

WBC in NC today

Today I had five things plans. More or less five events I wanted to photograph, and the Protest that the WBC was to do in NC today was one of them.. However, they were no shows..

I call the local PD and ask if the WBC had received a permit to protest. The PD officer told no permit was issued and they knew nothing about this protest.. Meaning either they (WBC) was going to protest without a permit and with protection..

Since I could get confirmation I chose to go to another event.

here Is the Press release of the said event.

I tweet the many members of the WBC, this is what I got.
Fullscreen capture 3262011 83300 AM.bmp

I have to wonder what I tweet to her to block me.. I guess she didn’t like my truth.

then I got this one.. it will make you laugh..
Twitter - @Sara Phelps- @sickntired08 you guys bit ..._1301192839101

Wow someone with a heart in this bunch. NOT NOT!!!!

Fullscreen capture 3262011 103713 PM.bmp
They claim they were there, but we all know if they were,they would have made the local news. It did make the news…

here is the link, Please watch and here what the counter Protester was yelling to them.. and see the young Phelps bitches try to dance, a course on a American Flag, yes the same flag of the country they claim to love to much… I can only Guess Margie J Phelps lie when she said she was proud to be an American…

so I wonder why they didn’t answer the tweets seeking to confirm that they would be there.. I can only guess these cowards don’t really want the folks to know what they actually was going to show..

So I guess next time when they plan to come to NC and If I can get there I will be there.

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