Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its has been written and published (no others need to be submitted)

That is right Qnotes’s Editor Matt has written his piece about the Equality NC Town Hall Meeting concerning the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment, for which means that only one more will be written that will what the LGBT folks of Charlotte discuss at their Town Hall on the 24th of March.

He gave kudos to Pam on her piece that she wrote concerning the Town Hall in her area, on her blog.

Matt, did mention that there is a Greenville Town Hall Meeting set for April 6. However he didn’t give the address or location of the meeting.

So anyone whom might be interest in attending the Greenville Town Hall, now has to search the net for this info.

So what does Qnotes hate about Eastern NC, that they routinely ignore us as apart of the community.

Over at Pam’s Houseblend, She listing the ideals that were discussed at her Town Hall Meeting,
The Grassroots List of ideas to get the word out to boost involvement against the amendment.
- Neighborhood Association Listserv
- Social Networking
- Blogging/Vlogging
- Parents @ Kids' School
- Sharing your stories
- Speaking @ church
- Ad campaign
- Make it clear that when you "want us to leave" that our taxes go with us.
- Does the state want to lose its investment (for those educated in its system)?
- Make sure to do good PR
- Frame it as the "anti-family" "hate" "anti-business" amendment in discussions
- Postcards as conversation starters
- Talk to HR directors at work
- Focusing on people/non-participants (clubs, Drag Bingo events)
- Offer Swag.

Also there was a question concerning the current Governor of NC,

There was a question about whether Gov. Beverly Perdue has made a public statement about the amendment. She has not, but has told ENC privately that she opposes it. [Pam - well that sh*te has to end. She needs to stand up to the bigots, LGBT NC taxpayers are teachers, state workers; people she's spent time talking about how important they are].
While there Pam was there she Interview Ian Palmquist of Equality NC,

She did a great job, Kudos to Pam for her great Interview.

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