Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twitter posts of the day

In case you missed it, Charlotte Observer had a great editorial against the anti-gay amendment:

Sarah Palin responds to Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court ruling

Breaking News: Navy Training Sheds Light on Recent Repeal of DADT

New From JMG: Arch Homophobe Sally Kern Rides The Waambulance In New Book: Oklahoma state GOP Rep. Sally "Gays A...

Report from that "unborn child as witness" hearing in #Ohio -- turns out there were two: #maddow

Manning hit with new charges; could face death penalty

Sarah Palin vs. 8 SCOTUS justices, free speech, a valid point

Wisconsin Senate votes to fine missing Democrats $100 daily in standoff over collective-bargaining bill -

New Hampshire bill to make a felony of 'touching junk'

Coming to a falsely-victimized bookstore near you

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