Friday, March 11, 2011

SF bilerico bullying conference

Yes another special invite conference for bloggers in SF,

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund is a private family foundation established in 1953 by Evelyn D. Haas and Walter A. Haas, Jr. that has awarded nearly $390 million in grants to date. The Fund is located in San Francisco, California.

Heading this event will be Bil Browning. Apparently, he’s been endowed by some rich donor activist of the requisite skills in selecting attendees to this event.
From Bilerico,
Jerame and I are headed to San Francisco for the weekend. I'm convening a gathering of 30-some top LGBT bloggers, journalists, and newspaper editors to talk about major issues facing our community that currently don't get nearly the amount of ink as some of our more sexy and popular problems. The focus this time will be on immigration issues and teen homelessness and bullying. This is the second year in a row for the convening.
Thankfully, I don't have to pay for all those travel expenses. The good folks at the Haas Foundation are paying for everyone's travel expenses because they believe in the power of spreading knowledge. Quite a few bloggers would never have this experience or be able to sit and speak to some of the folks shaping our movement, so I'm really proud to be playing my part in selecting attendees and facilitating the trip. Plus, everyone invited can live-tweet, blog, Facebook, whatever they'd like; it's all on the record and there's no secret information!

While I’m glad this event was announced, and those whom might be attending can blog and twitter about it, unlike the Outgiving 2011 Conference that was held in Miami a few weeks ago..  However Bil is apart of Gay Inc., so the guest list won’t be made public till sometime after the event.

However just who are these lucky 30 people, Let see if we can find out.

However please note that these events mostly happen on the weekend, that is when most of these bloggers don’t blog unless something major happens, I guess its in their Gay Inc., and the Country Club, and insidersout manual and rules book.

These are the folks that I think that might there. tweeter hash tag is #haas11

  1. GetEqual’s Robin,
  2. lostinmiami,
  3. goodasyou,
  4. bilerico,
  5. rod 2.0 
  6. joemygod
  7. uppityfag
  8. jerame
  9. ThatQueerMonkey
  10. chrisgeidner 
  11. michaelrogersdc 
  12. interstateq/qnotescarolinas- editor of Qnotes 
  13. jostruitt
  14. chrisjohnson82
  15. reallyphilreese
  16. ameriqueer
  17. sunnivie
  18. queerjohnpa
  19. adamjbink
  20. hispanicpanic79
  21. blabbeando
  22. zackford
  23. lizzwinstead


    When it comes to bullying, I’m really interested in knowing what all these paragons of equality are doing about it.
    So, I’m  looking forward to Bil Browning and the The Haas, Jr. Fund’s transparency in this regard.
    While I wait, I do have a question for the Haas Foundation, though:
    Are they aware that Bil Browning has engaged in online bullying himself, that he has violated another gay blogger’s privacy and used his closet as a weapon,  and that he has sourced and or cited an anti-gay activist whose organization was recently cited by The Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group?
    So is Bil Browning the the right person to handle this event. Yes he does have a history of online Bullying, to see this just go through some of his reply to comments that he doesn’t like. I see he is very glad that this trip to SF isn’t costing him a thing. I sure his after meeting events will cost him while he is in SF..

    Note: unnamed blogger claims this is just another circle jerk with Bil’s Blogroll..

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