Friday, March 4, 2011

Gill Foundtion is only for the Rich LGBTmembers

Working or middle class gays need not apply.

According to it's press release:
OutGiving 2011 promises to be our most thought-provoking and stimulating conference ever. We will focus on the work being done on local, national and international levels. We’ll examine current data on the state of the LGBT movement‘s organizations and issues. We’ll look closely at the changing environment, including changes in public attitudes on issues like marriage equality and safe schools, as well as the evolving trends and tactics of our opposition. And we’ll discuss expanded opportunities to engage new allies and new leadership, as well as the promise and challenges of organizing and communicating through new media.
Get ready....
OutGiving is an invitation-only event, no press allowed. We expect approximately 200 men and women whose cumulative net worth is in excess of $2 billion dollars to join us at this conference. These gay, lesbian and allied supporters’ combined philanthropy and political giving is estimated to be in excess of $100 million annually. Attendees also include leaders from the corporate and foundation community who are instrumental in funding LGBT causes, as well as many executive directors of LGBT organizations.

The Proof, that you must be rich to attend, 

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