Sunday, March 27, 2011

More GLAAD Bullshit… THE Two Face Org of Gay INC.


GLAAD to Train @WWE Announcer @MichaelCole After Twitter Incident #LGBT

Please these folks can’t even train a dog to shit..

They cause more problems then they solve.

We thank all of you who alerted us to this incident. We are taking this incident seriously, and we are looking forward to working together with WWE to send positive messages about respect and inclusion to its diverse audience.

Hey Glaad why no action or post about Ricky and Target deal, Well, you fuck wads, Better Yet, how about © 2010 HERE MEDIA, INC. , that right you don't get on those companies you get your money from do you,

Look for the downlow Target ad in this picture from
In the banner ads you see here (on above, and at right), a small Target "bullseye" is visible in the Converse One-Star ad; clicking on the ad takes you to

From Queerty,
Here Media, of course, is the sister company of Regent Entertainment, which along with its dozen of shell companies was sued by Bank of America and Merill Lynch for perpetrating an alleged $90 million fraud. Maybe getting a check from Target is a way to put a down payment on their settlement? Funnily enough The Advocate, which is also owned by Here Media, has even covered the company's anti-gay political donations. So it's not like Here Media's executives don't know what they're doing. In fact, it appears they know all too well what we're doing: We couldn't find any of these Target ads after clicking around on, perhaps because even Here Media's group of stupids are smart enough to keep their news-watching readers away from their anti-gay ad campaigns. If you spot 'em, let us know.

This is Gay Inc at work, they call out those companies who don't donate to them, while not saying a damn word about those companies who work against us as long they get Millions each year from..

So Cathy at Chick-fil-A if you want your gay problem to go away donate a few million to Glaad and HRC, and you will get a free pass to hate us.....

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