Saturday, March 5, 2011

Once Again Eastern NC doesn’t Matter to Qnotes

After the Va Pilot did a story about the first even Outer Banks Pride Event, I thought that Q-notes would do a story on it well, just what, I WAS WRONG once again.

The following screen snap is all we get.

Bullying symposium, fundraisers slated « qnotes - north carolina south carolina lgbt arts entertainment news views_1299334682870

See some time back the Editor of Qnotes stated that it was a was of time and resources to include Eastern NC in their so-called Newspaper..

If this event was being held in Charlotte, they/Matt would have done a full page article about it. Made calls to the organizers the mayor and other community members living on the Outer Banks.

At last, the East is just a waste of time for Qnotes.. Once again, it was to hard for them to send out emails seeking more information, picking up the phone and calling the Town Mayor to see what he had to say about. I guess finger power is just to limited at Qnotes to fully cover a story here in the East…

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