Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can you really trust this Face…

How can you tell when a Politician is lying? Their lips are moving.
Some budget Cuts and increases,
Students in public schools are facing larger class sizes and fewer resources to support learning both inside and outside the classroom.   Students at public universities and community colleges are facing higher tuition, hard-working low-income parents are struggling to find affordable and quality child care options, and elderly and disabled patients are subject to reduced access to needed health services.
How nice lets make sure the poor stay sick, and uneducated. let make sure single parents can’t work because they can’t afford child care. Let make sure our kids don’t get a true education.

Here is a few cuts I bet this fucking this cow and lawmakers didn’t think of.. Cut the Governor pay by 35%, and take away her fucking health care that is paid for by the state. I sure she can afford to buy her own. Then cut the lawmakers pay by 25%, or better yet fired a few of them. I doubt we need all these assholes in office, cut their staff too. Take their health care way too. Sell off 40% of state own cars, trucks and other vehicles (less of these items = less insurance and maintain costs, fuel cost as well), Sell off unused  State owned Buildings and lands. I’m sure that these items could save the State a few millions, if not ten’s of millions.

The Cuts
The majority of these cuts, including but not limited to $900 million less for public schools, $430 million less for community colleges and public universities, and $1 billion less for Medicaid and public and mental health services, have had a very real impact on the lives of millions of North Carolinians.

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