Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gay Inc., Chick-Fil-A Controversy will affect a local Non Profit..


  • Listens when you're in crisis
  • Is confidential
  • Is non-judgmental
We listen when you
  • are sad
  • are worried
  • feel suicidal
  • have a decision to make
  • are angry
  • feel frustrated
  • feel there is no one else you can turn to

Mission Statement

HopeLine is a family of confidential services offering caring, non-judgmental listening and resource information in an effort to improve the overall well-being of people in the community.
Hope Line joined with Chick-Fil-A for a fund raiser to raise money to help stop Teen Suicide and to help teen with other issues.

However this year event may not be as good for them, simply because of Jeremy Hooper @ goodasyou blog site.

Yes prissy ass, self entitle faggot, got his tight y whities in a bunch, over the fact that another private own Chick-Fil-A franchise, was helping out  another group, whom just happen to anti-samesexmarriage. Jeremy on the Behalf of Gay Inc., start this Controversy. Now the Hopeline just might paid the price for it.

So who is Jeremy Hooper,

From what I gather from this video about Jeremy, his story is that he is rejected and abandoned by his family for being homosexual. As a result of that, he takes out his hurt on the world by writing against all pro-family people. He obsesses with what the “anti-gay” crowd says. Well, except for me – well, except today, he did write this long post to garner sympathy for himself and his eternal state of victim hood.
Boy, don’t he know how to play the victim card, Such a Victim, who live in
Manhattan, NY with his His husband, who's Wedding was in Martha Steward mag, Yet a victim.

Going by his FB page he works as blogger, I can only guess he plays the stay at home wifey and his BF is the bread winner in the house.. MMM must be nice to be a kept boy… with a gold ring…

I think Jeremy should make a donation to help the Helpline, since he is the main cause why they may not get as much as they might had if he didn’t attack Chick-Fil-A for Gay INC.,

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