Saturday, February 12, 2011

Comments to a Blogger’s Post

When one blogs, one must accept what he or she writes about, just might receives some comments that the writer won’t like.

If one chose to write about state politics and budgets problems, they must accept that someone else’s view will not be the same as theirs. The think otherwise would be completely stupid and wishful thinking.

Recently a young blogger, who hails for Charlotte NC, wrote a nice piece about the current budget issue that NC faces. Title “Still no jobs, but no anti-gay legislation either.” Now I’m glad that NC Legislature doesn’t have any anti-gay bill as of yet. Yet, the cuts they are planning are just unbelievable to me and I’m sure to many other.

Blogger said this,

Week three of the North Carolina General Assembly’s 2011 session is coming to a close. Though GOP leadership has allowed plenty of attacks on the poor, communities of color and immigrant communities, they’ve not yet touched the LGBT community.

Ok, this is not much of a surprise that the poor get screwed every time when a state has to redo their budgets. For many, this is common place and is to be expected.

I made the following comment.

Sorry but the Governor isn’t doing enough, I see that you didn’t say anything about the big budget cut on Education by 1.3 billion…

“Sometimes you just have to wonder if the U.S. educational system is really even as good as our already, abysmally-low international rankings”

Budget cuts is one reason why we are ranking so low in education,
However it’s nice to know Bev Perdue might not win in the next election, as a Dem Governor she the worst.

I was trying to point out that they plan a huge cut the education, and I was wondering why he didn’t mention this.

Here is he reply,

Sick, I’m tired of your negativity. Since this is my personal blog and I alone get to set the rules (though I have tried to be pretty fair when it comes to commenting), I’m giving you just one more chance to try some positivity. Anymore negative and/or cynical comments from you will not be posted. Consider this fair warning.

Now I can only guess my comment about our so-called Governor is what really pissed him off. Just be she is a Democrat, does mean that she is the best for NC, this is my opinion.

However, he also gave me a warning too. So I did reply to his comment,

so I point out how you left out the attack by Gop NC body of the legislature planning to cut education out by 1.3 billion and that Gov is a hack, and you think this is being negative, MMMM fine whatever,

Since this will no doubt be my last post on this blog of yours, why didn’t you mention the Education budget cuts since that affects everyone,

You need to pull you head out of @#$%^&* and see that if you want to keep a group down and oppress limiting the amount of education that they can get

I should point out that at the time of writing this post he hasn't approved it.. I left out the off the following “will do just that.”

I will agree that lately I have become very cynical and critical of my community. I feel that we have lost who and what we truly are. In order to please those who will donate money to our organizations and cause. We are allowing them to set the stage for all to play by. This is wrong, period. Those that won’t play by their rules are casted out like yesterday’s newspapers. We are using tactics that we normal would never use in the past.

He wrote that he was Glad over this,

By all means, I’m not happy about the GOP’s unfulfilled promises on jobs (I just wonder how many of those voters who chose them are even paying attention), but I’m phenomenally thankful we haven’t yet been forced to deal with any anti-LGBT legislation. That doesn’t mean it’s not coming, and we have only the good and hard work of groups like Equality North Carolina and their allies to thank

I glad too that they haven’t push to have the anti-marriage bill for a vote too. However, I do see that in our future, like right after the budget is signed by the Governor, then watch how many of those anti-bills will pop up. I also have lost all faith in Equality NC, ever since the Fruit-loop event.

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