Monday, February 28, 2011

Why is the Gay elite throwing the Trans-community under the bus?

Why are we and the Gay Media not standing up for our Trans brothers and sister? Why does GAY Inc. have problem with them. It’s ok for Gay Media to take Trans-money but not support them.. This wrong.


Note: I will have to do more research on this topic and post more.


However listen following video,

InsidersOut - Google Groups_1295149787647Marty also talks about the Insideout group, when Mike Rogers makes the rules that all members must follow, and promote the same news stories in the same way..



So who is Mike Rogers,


mike rogersMike Rogers (born November 12, 1963) is an American fundraiser, blogger and gay rights activist in the Washington, D.C.-area best known for his activity in outing allegedly closeted gay politicians who actively oppose gay rights. He has worked as a fundraiser for a number of non-governmental organizations, is publisher of PageOneQ and is associate publisher of The Raw Story. He is a leading subject of the 2009 film Outrage, on the subject of outing closeted politicians.

Rogers' web site has been a focal point for outing those he considers to be closeted gay politicians who actively oppose gay rights. His blog has been discussed in the Washington Post and he has been a focal point in the debate over the ethics of outing public figures. Recent targets for Rogers have included Representatives Ed Schrock and David Dreier, U.S. Senator Larry Craig and South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer. He also reported on Jeff Gannon's lack of reporting credentials while having White House press credentials. In September 2008, Mike outed Mark Buse, John McCain's Chief of Staff, as being gay.

Folks like Mike here, and those in the Gay Inc. and Country Club, only wants those rights for themselves that they can buy for themselves..

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