Sunday, February 6, 2011

HRC-Carolina Gala coming up soon

Once again Joe will be there, like he is the only person at HRC that can speak at these Gala. Then again I guess he need a reason to whore around in these cities..

Fullscreen capture 262011 12713 AM.bmp

There is the list of those whom will be speaking.

I just don’t understand why they can’t update Joe’s photo.


Here is a pic of Joe from a YouTube Video




Fullscreen capture 1282011 82428 PM.bmp

I guess it safe to say he has/had already make his Dr appt for his Botox (maybe his Botox supplier is on his speed dial) and other plastic surgery for his face, then off to the beauty shop for hair and make up to look young, taking about be so vain. He has nothing on Joan. Soon he will giving Joan a fun her doctors.

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