Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NOM Good news

Good news from the Washington Times:r-CHICKFILA-large570 (1)
Indiana University at South Bend will resume its use of Chick-fil-A’s campus services on Wednesday after suspending the restaurant chain over its plans to provide free lunches for a Pennsylvania conference on traditional marriage.
The restaurant’s services on IUSB’s campus have featured Chick-fil-A meals with the famous chicken sandwiches and milkshakes every Wednesday at two dining locations: the Courtside Cafe and the Grille.
But the restaurant chain, known nationally as a family-held Christian business that does not open on Sundays, was barred late last month at the demand of Campus Ally Network, a pro-gay campus group.
“Last week, Chancellor [Una Mae] Reck ordered a review of the suspension. The review was completed today, and based on a more complete understanding of the facts, Chancellor Reck ordered the end of the suspension. At this time, Chick-fil-A is a full-service food provider for IU South Bend with no restrictions,” said Ken Bairl, IUSB’s director of communications and marketing in a written statement.
Hopefully we can now all go back to enjoying our "chikin" again!
Ok, finally a College was able to tell Gay Inc. they are wrong. I salute the College…

See what happen when prissy blogger Jeremy cause a stupid shit storm on the behalf of the Gay Inc. Country Club folks, He makes us all look bad.. Thanks to him NOM has a winning poking shot against us for their new up coming ads…

So not getting any Jeremy Hooper what is next.. who has Gay Inc., order you to go after, you effing queen…

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