Monday, February 14, 2011

Outer Banks Pride, Baptist Church is Outrage, Not Surprising.

The Organizers of the First ever Outer Bank Pride Fest is facing Opposition over it Family Friendly events.

The co-founder of the Group that is planning the event said they are not move by the intimidated coming from Pastor Charles Tyler of a Local Baptist Church, whom claim this event is to Corrupt the local Children of the Outer Banks.

There is no Parade, just fun in the sun, with open-mind folks, enjoying the beauty of the Outer Banks.

There will be Day time events for the whole family, while there are a few evening events aim for Adults only.

"We're just slowly trying to change those attitudes so that these folks coming to the Outer Banks won't get dirty looks from people," Miller said.

The Event is set for sunny June of 2011.

"I think people that write anonymous crap like that are chickens," said Nags Head Mayor Bob Oakes, whose Village Realty is a sponsor of the event.
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