Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To March or not to March that is the Question?

This is from the Washington Blade,
imagesVeteran activist Robin Tyler is ratcheting up her previous call for a national LGBT march on Washington, D.C., in 2012.
Tyler said the process of organizing a national march would trigger more activity in the states than what is currently taking place under the leadership of both state and national LGBT groups.
Well M.C. over that InterstateQ thinks this is a bad idea. This is what he claims:
Similarly, no one so far has pointed out any single direct benefit gained from any of our community’s past national marches on Washington. I’m willing to listen and weigh the evidence, but as it stands I know of no victories, successes or changes that came as a direct result of encouraging thousands or even hundreds of thousands to blow hundreds or thousands of dollars in traveling for to the national mall for one day’s worth of chanting and holding signs.
Well nothing never came out of these marches on Washington, I would beg the differ. Something always come out these Marches, they may be small changes, or more networking between local and national groups too.

He suggest, that Robin Tyler, if she is truly interest in creating change in this nation, then she support more local equality initiatives, and if she wants a national gathering, she should try attending the next Creating Change Conference. Where she will learn something and meeting new friends and allies, and will get resources to start on equality at home.

I think Matt is forgetting that Ms Tyler has been around much longer then he has. Fighting equality and social justice much longer then He has. However I forgot this is the new era of LGBT where the young think they own the movement…

However, Miss Negative Nancy had this to say as well,
But if education and true motivation to create change is not want you’re really after, then go ahead and plan a national march on Washington. You’ll just spend a day walking and marching and chanting and holding signs. When you go home, you’ll feel really, really good. But you’ll have exactly the same amount of resources you left home with: zero.
Then what do we get out of having Pride Marches every year? We walking around, chant, hold signs, buy pride items from vendors, this is sounding like same as a March on DC... to me..

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