Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is Gay Inc.? Are you apart of it?

I found this wonder piece tonight during my nightly blog surfing.

The Trans Advocate has this wonder piece.. It’s a must read for all those in the community (the whole L G B T ).

Wondering if you’re part of GayINC? Some recent comments by GayInc bloggers have asked/mocked/been incensed by people asking that question:

Most entertaining PHB rumor out there: that we are all tools of Gay Inc. We’re still waiting for our raises from $0 to $0…plus generous D&G gift cards….” – Pam Spaulding

“If you only knew how laughable it is to call me “Gay Inc.” – Jeremy Hooper

So where do you fix in this crazy scheme  

But that doesn’t mean these GAYInc organizations work for free. Their Executive Directors are paid very well.
But payment doesn’t have to be money. Lack of D&G doesn’t make you any less of a  mouthpiece for GayInc. If you worry that you may be a mouthpiece for GayInc, ask yourself the following questions:

If you are apart of this group then you are a member of Gay Inc.

group that includes GayInc members

so surf on over to the Trans Advocate and read some very great stories.

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