Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Support the Students at Texas Tech University: Stand Up Against Chick-fil-A's Anti-Gay Agenda

Well Gay Inc, thru Jeremy Hooper isn’t let this one go. Like a dog with a bone…
Started by: Tech Young Progressives
Students at Texas Tech University are now petitioning to drop Chick-fil-A as a weekly vendor, after numerous stories noted the restaurant's deep connections to anti-gay organizations like Focus on the Family, The National Organization for Marriage, Exodus International, and the Pennsylvania Family Institute.  Gay students and their straight allies want to send the message that supporting discrimination in any form has no place on the campus of Texas Tech University.
yet many so-called gay activists whom does Gay Inc. bidding, are acting like bullies, yet they claim their aren’t. Well my Question is this, why all of sudden this is a major issue? Just because the Media Whore Jeremy Hooper writes a like piece on behalf of Gay Inc., whom acted like a fucking babies because he wasn’t credit in many news report over this issue..

Well If Gay Inc. folks whom own business doesn’t state support non-gay events and issues, many those that we have attacking, should start attacking those businesses. Yes give gay business owner a taste of what they are doing to Chick-fil=A.

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