Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See what happens when a Self-absorb gay man plays on the computer

6a00d8341c730253ef0148c872d544970c-800wiThe Daily Athenaeum reports:
Julia Hall, vice president of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Mountaineers, said the group had no idea of the signs prior to Monday, and she was not sure if the fliers sympathize with anti-gay or pro-gay movements.

It was announced last summer that West Virginia University signed a contract with the company for the installation of the restaurant in the Mountainlair, which will be opened sometime in February or March.

Hall said BiGLTM members have discussed the issue of boycotting the company, but their opinions are divided on support or opposing the addition in the Mountainlair.

"While we're against anti-gay statements, there isn't enough support among us to oppose them on campus," Hall said.

The Morgantown Police Department was not previously aware of the signs and sent officers to inspect them Monday. Police dispatchers said the signs could be considered hate crimes depending on charges made by the court, if the company or a person who made the signs is found.

We have Jeremy Hooper to thanks for this. I can only assume, that he was bored one day, not have getting any meat from his husband… That he had to start this Manufactured Controversy over Chick-fil-A.

Now, the whole community is piss off at a company, for have their own principles and belief.. however those clash with the community beliefs and therefor the community attack them.. It would seem that Gay Inc., Agenda is to force every company to change their rules and beliefs to support us.. However we are not being bullies now, lets make that crystal clear.

We talk about our rights, well how about the rights of these companies? We want them to respect yes, yet we don’t respect them.

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