Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vigils in support of access to education spring up around the state–Greenville’s Vigil

I recently attend a Vigil that was organize by the Adelante Education Coalition. I attend the one  in Greenville, North Carolina. Here is the Photos taken at this event.

The turnout was small but still full of high hopes and spirit.

I borrowed a digital records, which has some issues, I didn’t record the opening statement by Juvencio Rocha Peralta, which I’m truly sorry for. However he spoke with great passion and spoke of fairness for those whom where bought here against their will at a very young age. How they don’t have a true feeling of home. Torn between counties.One they don’t know and the one they love, and live in.

Juvencio Rocha Pertalta had this to say,

“They are trying to stop kids from continuing their education,” Peralta said. “It's not fair to allow them to go to school K-12 and then not allow them to continue their education.”
“This country benefits from undocumented workers,” he said. “Why shouldn't they get the benefits of higher education?”

Dani Martinez-Moore,

North Carolina need a more educational workforce, not less educational one, in these tough economic times we want our leaders in Raleigh to do the right thing. Don’t make our state number one in discrimination, hate, and exclusion. Let’s begin instead about the business of building an economy that works for everyone, and keeping North Carolina a state that believes in education.

There were a few interesting quotes, “Remember that about 60 years ago this happen to another group seeking education” and “if this bill is pass it will be another dark mark in our history”
DSC_0540 Don Cavellini

I would like to bring a bit of comparison specially. We, up here on this side of the river; as they say in here Greenville. Some people refer to highway 11that goes by the airport as Bethel highway. Many you may not have been aware, I certainly wasn’t in this part of eastern NC, I been here 26 years. Prior to my arrival apparently the huge multi-national corporation known then as Burroughs-Wellcome was planning to located in the little town of Bethel, those whom own the land, who used to own slaves, chose not to welcome the huge pharmaceutical multi-national and Greenville got Burroughs-Wellcome that became Glaxo-Wellcome known now as DSM. Provide a lot of jobs. People of Bethel could have those jobs. Instead the land owner the backward people of northern part of Pitt county choose to try to keep blacks in their kitchens and in their fields they didn’t want them to get those better paying jobs at a huge pharmaceutical company, that meant Bethel stay a very small poor town, all but for the land owners that used to own slaves

Why do I tell that story it the same ignorance small minded, same kind of exclusion way of thinking that characterize this bill in Raleigh. HB11which was introduced on January 27, 2011. That is a minimal progress, minimal human rights and if anything that the coalition against racism here in Pitt County support the rights of everyone to have equal access to education all levels not just elementary and secondary but in college, it’s only fair.

The North Carolina Bill HB 11 is a nothing more than a way to keep those whom have less in state of ignorance and illiterate. keeping them at a sub-level below everyone else. Basically just like the Whites in the south try with African-Americans.

This is a mean-spirited bill,” says Rep. Paul Luebke of Durham of HB11. “It keeps young immigrants from getting a higher education. It deprives North Carolina of the skills of talented youth who can help build our future.”

House Bill 11 – no Postsecondary educational for Illegal Aliens.

This bill bought to you by this good ole county bigot Representative George G. Cleveland, here is his info click here.
Office: 417A Legislative Office Building
Phone: 919-715-6707
Legislative Mailing Address:
NC House of Representatives
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 417A
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925
Co bigots on this bill,
L. BrownCurrentFairclothFolwellFryeGuiceHager; HornIlerIngleJonesJordanLangdonMcGeeRandleman; SandersonSetzerTorbettH. Warren;

However for those whom are enroll under the bill you will get a chance to finish, unless on the bigots that it out,
This act is effective when it becomes law and applies to admissions and classes taken after that date, except that this act shall not prevent a  student enrolled in a program at a community college or constituent institution of The University of North Carolina as of that date or during the previous term or semester from completing that program

Face it folks if you are not white and rich the above could careless what happens to you.. Bigotry is still strong in the south and now in Charge of NC..

Now remember that the Bigot GOP folks are working on the budget, with a short fall in the billions, they plan to cut once again money from the educational budget, which the lottery isn’t helping since they high jacked the fund for other items. These illegals have to paid out of state tuition, which is much higher for those that live in state.

Also remember those that are here illegally that work and have state and federal taxes taken from them, can’t file for refunds, this is extra money the state has that doesn’t lawfully belong to the state..

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