Friday, February 11, 2011

Corbin Fisher hopes to make $5.2 billion

Corbin Fisheryes Corbin Fisher,who brings use fake str8-gays porn is planning to sue 35, 000 people for illegally downloading his cheat ass porn.

he is going to sue them for $150,000 each with equals to $5.2billion, which he would never earn any other way. I guess the fake str8 boys don’t know how to play str8.. sells must be down, online subscribers must be down as well.

However the Lawyer if he charge 35% will get .1.8 billion.. then again when you pay these so-called str8 guys $XXX,XXX per project, no wonder you get your lawyer to find a new cash cow for your business

Why don’t CF just protect their porn with DRM.

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