Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Not Here???

This Past Valentine Day, GetEqual groups all over the nation planned a Valentine Marriage License rallies, where they ask local LGBT couples in Selected cities to per take.

In San Francisco, A group of LGBT couple ask for marriage licenses once again. Where they once had the right, but thanks to Prop8 they no longer do.

This Group stage a sit for this right to be return to them.

As reported by the AP,
The AP reported: "The brief occupation of the county clerk's office provided a new twist on what has become a Valentine's Day ritual in many cities of gay and lesbian couples trying to obtain marriage licenses and being turned down. When the couples sat on the floor and refused to leave, sheriff's deputies led them away in handcuffs. But the protestors all were released 15 minutes later without being cited."

A Group in Ashville, NC join this Rally call, The group met up at the Buncombe County Courthouse, where local same-sex couples applied for marriage licenses, however under NC law their were deny licenses. The Group however did hand out information on marriage equality, and a small protest over the lack of equal rights for the LGBT community.

As of date this was the community in NC that join in on  this event.

I found out about this event the day of. I have join so many LGBT list in hope to keep up to date of such event, however I must still not be on the rights lists since I still miss so many events here in NC.

I how to wonder why Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte Communities didn’t join in this event. Where are numbers are higher.

I have my thoughts on this, but I still wonder why we play the select the event game here in NC. I mean with all the nationwide events that are planned by Get Equal and other groups, why we here in NC don’t join in on more of these events is the question? I know what we can’t partake in every event. However, we should join those events that matter here at home.

The last time I look Marriage Equality was at the top of our list. Enda is another issue that is very important to us, let not forget that NC doesn’t have a hate crime law basic on sexuality.
In the United States, only 45 states have hate-crime statutes. From these, a mere 32 states include sexual orientation as a motivating factor in what constitutes a hate crime. North Carolina is one of the remaining 18 that does not.
Why aren’t we more vocal on Hate Crimes against the LGBT community. Recently,  a Gay Couple in Clayton, NC after months of harassment from a anti-gay bigot or bigots had their home burnt  to the ground.  The county Sheriff was quick to claim this wasn’t a hate crime. Where was our outrage! Why didn’t we storm down to his office or the county’s DA office demanding justice.

Why aren’t we working on and protest this? Why are we still sitting on our butts on this matter? How many Gay’s and Lesbian's Homes have to be burnt to ground before we act. Will it take death of person for our community to come out in force.

This is a very important year for us. We know with the new GOP Legislature, we have reason to worry. Will they push for the Marriage Amendment bill, will they try to over turn those rights we have received under the old Legislature??

So what we are waiting for..

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