Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GSK to Cut Jobs in NC

ABC 11 as confirmed that GSK will be cutting an undetermined numbers of jobs in the Research Triangle Park, as it scales back  its neuroscience division.
The pharmaceutical maker reported a 60 percent drop in 2010 profits earlier this month. Since 2007, the company has cut about 22,000 jobs worldwide and reduced its U.S. workforce by about 4,000.
In addition to slowing sales, the company also paid out billion to settle legal claims related to its controversial diabetes drug Avandia following allegations it increases the risk of heart attacks.
Also it will try to buy back some of it own stock by selling off lesser known drug brands..
This is more jobs loss for NC, it seem more jobs are leaving the State then coming to it..
So NCGA and Bev Perdue, where are this jobs???

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