Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NC Marriage Activist Hypocrisy


Recently Matt over at Qnotes, wrote piece about the Filing of the Anti-gay marriage bill that was filed by Gaston County Sen. James Forrester.

link to the bill.

I made a simple comment on this post. It was short and to the point.

so where/when do we start our campaign against this bill?????????????????????
Comment by SNT — February 22, 2011 @ 9:28 pm

In which two fucking pinheads have to post their holier than thou opinions.

Appellation had this to say,
At a very minimum, please pay attention to Equality NC. They’ve been fighting the marriage amendment for years, and have continued that fight this year.
They’ve already held one lobby day (earlier than usual). Their legislative contact campaign (email/phone/letter/etc.) has been active for weeks.
I know you’re aware of these happenings because you complain about them and then somehow find an excuse not to go or participate.
If you want to start your own campaign, no one is stopping you.
Otherwise, you still have the option to participate in existing efforts.
Comment by Appellation — February 23, 2011 @ 10:39 am (note some of the comment was deleted)
Then this asshole weight in,
@Appellation… I’m starting to think that SNT and other “gay” bloggers like him are just anti-gay trolls in sheep’s clothing out to distract gay folks, cause divisions and sow distrust among our community.
Comment by Oscar Meyer Weiner — February 23, 2011 @ 10:42 am
So simply by asking a question, these bastards attack me, fine but they know I can’t attack them back on Qnotes, because Matt has my name and ip set on Moderation. Which one post took almost all weekend to get approve.

I live east of 95 in North Carolina, Where little to none LGBT Events happen. yes many times I wish I could attend these events that are held in Raleigh or Durham, I plan to be there and some times live throw a curve ball and I can’t make it.

The last now LGBT Event held in the East where I could attend and did was during the anti-bulling campaign that was held in Rocky Mount.

Appellation, OMW,as the same mind set as Matt at Qnotes,, If you live east of Raleigh you simple don’t exist, this was prove some time back. When Matt stated that we here in the east was a waste of time and resources.

Now they want us to listen and follow Equality NC direction, well letters and email, campaign isn’t really going to work for those whom Representatives are those who co-sign this bill. So other measures must be enacted. One blogger in NC wants to the same type of campaign that Bill is doing in Indiana.

Yes it is true that Equality NC has carry this fight all these years on our behalf, but Now the fight is now here. It’s time for the LGBT Community of NC to do something. A Few years back our local fundies had a rally in Raleigh were they bused hundreds in, Equality NC and others didn’t want us to do a counter-rally, however a small group held one. (this was ignore by Qnotes). Yet when NOM Came To Raleigh the community find the time to out and protest.. So what will it be, we will Rage Rage against for this Plight.

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