Monday, February 14, 2011

OBX PrideFest Stuff from Craig’s list

The Rants and Raves are not pretty, I can only hope as June gets closer these idiots will settle down and allow this Event to go off with incident.. I hope to be there for this Pride Event..

You know, I really wonder why gays like to throw pride parades. Is it because they want attention? Basically, when they do shit like this, they are asking to be judged by their sexuality. I think its ignorant that they show pride in their sexuality. If there was a heterosexual pride parade I wouldn't be part of it. I don't want people to judge me by my sexuality. Its actually kind of offensive when guys lump me into that "guy" category and ask me if I'm gonna hit that tonight, in reference to my sweetheart. The wonderful beautiful girl in my life I would do anything for all of the sudden becomes reduced to a thing that I "tap".

I think ignorant indulgence in any sexuality is completely ignorant and shallow. When it comes down to it, I see no reason anybody should know my sexuality, unless I want to form an intimate relationship with them. And I'm taken forever, so fuck it.

If I want people to judge me, I want them to judge me by my ideas, my personality, what I contribute to the world, and how I treat others. Not what I do in bed. Sometimes humanity really really disappoints me.

Reply 1,
Finally a post with thought and not just derogatory statements about homosexuality.

I see your point and agree, but I also understand where their desire for "parade's" and things of that nature come from. In a perfect world, they shouldn't have any reason to display their sexuality, with parade's or any other measure. We're far from a perfect world, and I don't think it's so much that they want to be judged by their sexuality as much as they feel they are already judged by their sexuality, If this board is any indication, they are right.

So it's kind of like "you want to judge me by that . . .well here it is" kind of thing. I know people that are gay, and they don't flaunt it (as far as I know), they really just want to be treated equally.

I would go out on a limb and bet that if they were treated with equal respect, they wouldn't be having these parade's and such, but that's just my opinion.

Having said that I understand where it comes from, I agree that it won't further their cause much if any. The only thing that will improve equality in my opinion is waiting for society to catch up. I think we can all agree that homosexuality isn't going away like some disease, but it will take some societies and cultures longer than others to come to accept it. . . .time!

another reply
As a gay man, I actually tend to agree somewhat with your opinion. While I understand why people want be "proud" of who they are, and I understand that most "Pride" festivals are events designed to show that "pride", I have never understood why who one sleeps with is a primary source of "pride". Even as a gay man, I am often offended by those who find it necessary to flaunt their sexuality with stereotypical "acting". So many effeminate gay men I have met are just acting and forcing mannerisms, often for shock value - how outrageous can I be.

I dare not say I am "straight acting" as that too implies acting. I "fly under the radar" and unless I'm in the company of other gay men, no one would know I was gay and even then I am usually considered "not gay enough". I am not ashamed to be gay but nor do I feel compelled to "act" gay. But being gay to me only speaks to who I sleep with, not my entire existance. I am not immersed in "gay culture" as I find it to be rather shallow and limiting.

The fact that I am gay is secondary to who I am as a person. I have had a wonderful partner in my life for 15 years and while we do enjoy being in the company of like-minded people with shared interests, we are not comfortable with "look at me, I'm gay" types as their primary view of their self-worth.

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