Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alan Viarengo

this is the guy that Anonymous left on a post of mine, about pushing the Gay Agenda down others throats.

I guess Anonymous will can me an idiot too, since I agree with him. As a gay male I'm very critical our my community and who we are advocating for change.

I see that others don't like his views on many subjects however, it is his right to have them.

I wonder how long it will take before, if it hasn't happen yet, will can this blog anti-gay.

I can only state that If I really wanted everything the way the Straights have it, I would be straight today. Gays can have kids, joint bank account, joint ownership of homes, cars, and business, one gay person can leave everything to another via a will at his/her deaths. That is where most of our problems laid in.

If and when we get together with another person and decide to build a life together then they should take the time to legalize everything, go to a lawyer and get those medical release and power of attorney, get those wills written up, buy those life insurance policies and name each other as beneficiaries to get other policies. Remember all these are easy to change if your relationship goes south, less time and expense, unlike a divorce.

On a more Personal note, I just love that bike.

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