Monday, October 27, 2008

SNT: Proof of sex sell all other must go...

From Rod 2.0 Beta;
If you saw Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom over the weekend—and the chances are very good that many of you did, judging by its strong weekend box office—you were probably dancing in your seats to the energetic soundtrack.

Since there are four main cast member with two boyfriends has seen in the picture only those with great bodies appear. I can only guess that they are using sex to sell the movie,which in it self is nothing new, but to leave to other cast member out is wrong.

They left out Rodney Chester and Douglas Spearman, I wonder why. Douglas does have a lean body but then again he it's as young, adn Rodney doesn't have a 100% fit body but still in the normal body range.

They chose the three with the most desirable bodies. Proving the point that its all about sex.

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