Saturday, October 4, 2008

To Anonymous

To Anonymous from CA, after this is posted this will the last about Prop 8 in CA. I posted a something that I agreed with; it wasn't to start a debate on the subject at all. It seems that you feel very strongly on this matter. I don't feel that Marriage should be our main goal at this time. There are many other issues that we need to resolve before going down that path. I'm glad that you were able to marriage your partner, but you can and I sure you will still face discrimination on many fronts.

We need are basic rights taken care of first. Those are the rights that everyone has. We need to make sure that when we are victims of crimes that those crimes are fully investigated and those who committed the crimes are held responsible for their actions. To have the right to serve and protect our county.

Once these issues are taken care of then Yes lets fight for our right to marry. We need to fight for this right on the Federal Level not the state level, and if we do it on the state level then it should be by a vote. The people of each state need to have their say on this matter. We don't need for these Activist Judges making laws for us, that we didn't have a said in. It will have to be by law that makes this happen. The People need to have their say in all legal matters.

Just because your marriage may be legal in CA, MA, NY and Canada, wouldn't it be nice if it was legal in all fifty states, so when you travel within the US how many Hospitals and other state agencies will allow you or extend you the same rights as straight married couples.

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