Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNT: Cancer fund raising

Recently in Virgina thereas  a fund raiser for cancer research and treatment held.

That commitment is crucial to helping those with cancer and funding research for a cure, said Karen Zablocki, administrator for the Tidewater affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure network.

"Cancer doesn't stop because of the weather and neither do we," she said. "They're here because they're passionate about what all of us are doing."

The bulk of funds is set to go toward local groups supporting breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs, she said. The rest will go toward research to find a cure.

It would seem that October as Cancer month need to be rename to Breast Cancer only month. Question, which cancer ranks the highest in 2004 and each year leading up to 2004? Prostate cancer out ranks breast cancer, yet I hardly even see anything on it. When was the last time there was prostate cancer walk, or run. Sorry to say this but Woman can live with out a breast, but a man can't live without a prostate..

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