Friday, October 10, 2008

SNT: WTF Soulforce action like a bunch of damn kids..

Palm Beach Atlantic University officials reconsidered their initial ban of a gay students' rights group from campus, offering members a space for a few hours on Monday to meet with select students and staff from the private Christian school.

But the group, called Soulforce, called the invitation too restrictive and said members planned to walk onto PBAU's downtown West Palm Beach campus at noon, hoping to conduct a more open forum.

''Unfortunately, the format is not conducive to reaching out to the Palm Beach Atlantic community in the spirit of open dialogue,'' a statement released by Soulforce on Wednesday said in reference to PBAU's offer.

``Additionally, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students who need to hear our message of love and affirmation would not be reached in this format.''

For the first time Soul force is being invited to a Christian school and they are bitching over some damn restrictions. What the F* guys, I guess you rather be arrested like so many were last year. What is the damn problem now. I guess you want to be arrested, damn at least they are willing to allow you on the campus, maybe this is due to the fact that Jerry F, is dead. Just accept the damn invitation and be happy. 

Link to story, link to soulforce

''After the Soulforce riders had persisted in their desire to visit our school, our leaders prayerfully felt that they should extend the courtesy of a private meeting,'' Peeling said. ``Our hope was that they would accept our offer, so that previously planned campus activities would not be disrupted.''

Soulforce's first stop this year was an Oct. 1 visit to Liberty University in Virginia. In 2006, several Soulforce members were arrested at Liberty, and the evangelical school initially banned Soulforce from campus again this year. Liberty later agreed to allow five representatives on campus to talk to students.

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