Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lambda Sues City over Sex Stings

Lambda Legal has filed a federal lawsuit against Johnson City, Tennessee, and its police chief for conduct following mass arrests of men in a public sex sting operation in October 2007. Lambda called the practice of releasing photos of 40 alleged perpetrators, including its client Kenneth Giles, to the press "highly unusual" compared to the department's customary practices.

Staff attorney Greg Nevins said in a release, "In America, the police do not get to add an extra punishment to people they don't like," adding that the department "went out of its way to humiliate Mr. Giles and caused irreparable damage."

Local news media ran the pictures of the suspects, along with their names and addresses. Lambda reviewed 600 press releases by the department over a one-year period and found "none pertaining to arrests were accompanied by photos or personally approved by the chief."

One of the men arrested in the sting killed himself, and several others lost their jobs, including Giles, who worked at a Veterans Administration hospital.
I'm sorry to hear that one guy kill himself after his arrest; however is the police really to blame. Maybe they are guilty of running these arrests into the ground, with all the news press and photos; however it doesn't erase what was going on in the parks. It's true that the cops don't arrest str8 for have sex in the parks, most of the time the str8 are having sex in their cars not in the woods or on or near the paths. 

Just maybe if it wasn't for the fact that some of these didn't leave the used condoms just lying around on the ground in these parks then no one would know what has been going on in the woods. However since these assholes leave the condoms and other items that proves that they were having sex in the park. So boys when you are playing in the park, stop leaving your toys behind…

To Lambda, you are wasting your time and money on this case.

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