Friday, October 3, 2008

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Ok did I ask about your holiday or your husband, NO, I didn't, Tell me this Does the Federal Gov't of the US recognized your marriage? Does it? Please allow me to answer for you, NO IT DOESN'T , and you guys still can't file joint tax return as well.  

I so glad you were able to save a few pounds, and euros on your vacation, but one question, if your marriage is so recognized in other countries then why do you have to travel with your marriage certificate? I don't know many married couples taking their marriage certificate with them on vacation. I guess you did just in case they didn't believe  you.. Right!!!!

I will scream it anytime and anywhere  I want, we don't need to be pushing this on the people, So what will happen to  your marriage if the people over turn what the courts gave  you. 

So please each time you travel make sure you don't for  your certificate, since  you are unable to have your marriage listed on your passport, to prove you are marry just to a few discounts on your rooms, food and cab fare.

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Oh dear. I see we're using our caps lock key now. Well that's certainly going to help bolster an otherwise shaky argument.

It's funny you say that my marriage doesn't exist outside the state, because of course it is recognized by the states of Massachusetts and New York, and by various other countries, including Canada, where my partner has dual citizenship. In fact, at a much more individual level, recognition of our marriage even saved us money during our vacation to Europe this summer: At the car rental counter, I asked the man doing the paperwork why there was an extra 100 euro charge on the agreement. He said it was an unrelated co-driver charge, at which point I pulled out a copy of our marriage certificate and showed him that in-fact we were related. He puzzled a bit over the English in the document, but then was more than happy to remove the extra surcharge.

Now admittedly it's a small triumph when taken by itself. But that's how these things happen, little by little. So while you're busy screaming it's "JUST A WASTE OF TIME", I'm looking around and seeing things changing for the better.

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