Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Millions and Millions for Pro 8 In CA.

At times my community completely amazes me beyond belief. I'm simply amazed how much money we can raise to fight an issue or a new law. I'm talking million beyond millions of dollars for a one time cause of actions, true some actions to continue for a long time, but to raise millions of dollars just to fight for the right to get marry on the state level is just plain stupid and a waste of money. If Californians vote to allow same sex couples to marry, that marriage still won't be legal in the 47 others state, and its not legal on the federal level at all.

So what was achieve and what was won, not much in my book.

Hollywood is all going out to support gay marriage, giving millions and millions of dollars, yet these actors and actress do very little to help other in need. I don't see these entire self centered actor and actress giving this type of money to combat homeless, and hunger and what about HIV/AIDS awareness. The only the member of Hollywood comes out for HIV/AIDS is once a year and only after one or two older Actor/actress lends their name to the campaign

As a gay man I don't really much care about same sex marriage. I would rather see the laws we have now enforce equally.

Those that have giving that was in the press for or against Pro #8

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has donated $25,000
Steven Bing, donating a whopping $500,000
Brad Pitt $100,000,
Steven Spielberg $100,000
Kate Capshaw $100,000
T.R. Knight $100,000.
Pete Wentz and his band Fall Out Boy donated $50,000,
Chelsea Handler gave $5,000.
David Geffen ($100,000),
Suze Orman ($10,000),
"Milk" director Gus Van Sant ($2,500), "Star Trek" veteran George Takei ($2,500),
Judith Light ($1,000)
Perez Hilton ($1,000).
GOP Rep. Michael Huffington, who came out as bisexual a few years $100,000
the state service employees union kicking in $500,000,
the California Teachers Association adding $250,000 and
a pair of SEIU groups giving a total of $150,000.
Former Ambassador James Hormel, the San Francisco Foundation and PG&E have each given $250,000,
Robert Haas, chairman emeritus of Levi Strauss & Co., gave $100,000.
Robert Wilson, a philanthropist from Brooklyn, N.Y., has given $1.2 million;
Bruce Bastian, an Orem, Utah, software developer has contributed $1 million;
David Maltz, a Cleveland investor, has given $1 million;
The Gill Action Fund of Denver has given $350,000;
Fred Eychaner, a Chicago media mogul, has contributed $250,000.
John Templeton Jr. of Bryn Mawr, Pa., who has given $900,000
Elsa Prince of Holland, Mich., who has donated $450,000.
Catholic Knights of Columbus of Hartford, Conn., giving $1.25 million; t
he American Family Association of Tupelo, Miss., donating $500,000;
Concerned Women for America contributing $409,000;
Focus on the Family, a Christian group from Colorado Springs, Co., adding $350,000.

A lot of money for ads and tv time, while there are children that don't have a place to live, clothes and food. Then again I marriage is more important than these kids in the US who hae no one to care for them, or our Vets who have lost their homes those that need medical care, those that are basically living on the fucking streets.

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