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You just made my point the courts decided not the people.  Now the people will have their say, by a vote not by judges who are activists on the bench. Even if that ruling stand the vote fails, guess what your marriage won't exist outside of the state and it doesn't exist on the federal level, so what was really achieved.  NOT A DAMN THING, JUST A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.  Btw the fight for Marriage should be on the federal level period, once it is approve on the federal level then every state would follow.  Also btw, when you file your taxes your partner and you still have to file separate federal taxes don't you.
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Wow, the sparks are sure flying off your axe today, aren't they?

Nobody is asking for marriage. A small group of people went to the California courts and asserted that the constitutional right to marry extended to gay couples. The court (made up entirely of straight people) agreed. Now the question before us is: should the people of California amend the constitution to take away that right? I say no, because like you, I want all my rights enforced completely.

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