Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why was Ms Hagan Son shying away from African-Americans @ event.

I called the Rocky Mount Democrat office and ask to speak with person is heading the Kay Hagan Campaign. Told the volunteer that I had a question.  
I ask the volunteer were Ms Hagan stood for Africa-Americans rights and issues, most discrimination, in the work place and other. I was told that she supported them in all issues of discrimination and that she was endorsed by Obama. That is great an all.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Hagan son today at the Downeast festival in Rocky Mount. I ask if that was the case then, why her son would shy away from single and groups of African-American and only seem to be concentrating only on Groups of senior citizens and younger groups of Whites. I was informed that there were a few African-Americans campaigning for Ms Hagan. I would like to know why her son wasn't embracing the African-American citizens at this Event, where he was representing her.
I was told by the volunteer that there was two African-American at the event as well, that if he did shy away it was that he didn’t want to disturb their fun, or he was comfortable about approaching the group of African-American if they look like a wild bunch.
Come to think of where does she stand on many issues?

When asked about the polling data that shows Hagan and Neal statistically even, Hagan spokesperson Colleen Flanagan countered with a Feb. 6 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling. In that particular poll, Hagan had 21 percent while Neal clocked in at only seven.
The Hagan campaign had no comment on particular polling data, but issued a statement through Flanagan:
“Sen. Hagan is working to give North Carolina a fresh voice in Washington — new ideas and new approaches to solving old problems. Her record of leadership in the state Senate is that of a problem-solver, someone who puts results before anything else. Sen. Hagan is second to no one when it comes to protecting all people from discrimination. Over the coming weeks and months, folks all over the state will hear from Sen. Hagan about her record and what she will bring to Washington, but more importantly, she’ll hear from North Carolinians about the issues most important to them.”
Q-Notes was unable to reach Flanagan to pose follow-up questions about Hagan’s specific support for issues such as marriage equality, employment non-discrimination, hate crimes and the military’s anti-gay “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. We asked for the candidate’s stand on each of these issues in our initial request for comment.
During a Feb. 25 forum at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Hagan told students she would leave the definition of marriage up to state law.

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