Friday, October 31, 2008

SNT: Attacking Rosie for no good reason!

ROSIE O'DONNELL's lack of engagement (and donations) to the "No on Prop 8" battle has been getting a lot of attention recently. Jeremy at Good as You has compiled the points she has made about it on her blog. Considering the fact that O'Donnell and her partner took advantage of the California marriage law back in 2004, her absence today is baffling.
Where is it written that she must give money and speak out for this cause. Rosie has her our views on this subject, and she doesn't have to share them with the community.
The gay community in San Francisco literally rolled out the red carpet for her wedding in 2004. The least she could do is give them $1,000 as a kind of reimbursement.
 So because the community did her a favor she must now we pay it. No she doesn't. What is wrong the LGBT Community in CA, You guys act like if the out Actors, and Actress don't stand up for every little damn community event or problem that they don't care about the community. Rosie has a life, it is her choice if she wants to voice her opinion about his matter in the press.
people are fixated on her because she always feels like she has the right to be so vocal about other things... so not speaking out about this, one of the most important issues facing our rights, is disappointing.
Has anyone ever thought that her views on marriage might have change, just maybe her partner and her, has talk about this matter and decided not the endorse it at this time. Just because she has money doesn't mean that she must support ever damn community event under the sun.

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