Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WTF: Politic Belief now a Hate Crime in CA

 From Perez Hilton:

Early this week, a man wearing a "No on 8" button was beaten with a "Yes on 8" lawn sign in Torrance, CA.
Police are characterizing the assault as a possible hate crime.

The beater, 23-year old Joseph Storm, is scheduled to appear in the Torrance Superior Court today, Wednesday, for arraignment on a felony charge of a hate crime assault and a misdemeanor count for interfering with another's exercise of civil rights.
Authorities did not identify the victim.
However, it was mentioned that Storm had known the victim since junior high.

In the attack, Storm allegedly knocked the victim down with the Yes on 8 sign, then punched him in the face and choked him. He also called the victim a 'derogatory name for homosexuals' during the beating.
So sad.
Say NO to H8te!!! 

WTF so now Political beliefs are now a part of the Hate Crime Family. What the Fuck... Whats next, on the list, Blond hair hate, green eye hate. This shit is really getting out of hand. Not we won't be able to speak about anyone or anything with out it being declare as a damn hate crimes.

also btw, I don't feel that being call a Fag or Faggot is derogarory, same for beng call a dyke, since in our groups well used these terms.. So get over. If you allow them to get to you then you have other  issues you need to deal with about your sexuality. 

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