Wednesday, October 15, 2008

City Types

New York: Urbane, tending towards decadent, believing that New York is the Mother of all Cities. Lots of lawyers, bankers adn people in vaguely defined artsy careers wearing never-before seen fashions.  
Motto: "seen it, done it, had him"

Los Angeles: Blond and built, but bimbos. Actor/model/waiter. More gyms inLA than Libraries.  
Motto: "enough about me, what do you think about me?"

Chicago: Corn fed all-American boys, big, earnest, and drawn to the gay mecca of the Midwest. Loyal friends. A few months behind the latest fad, but could care less.  
Motto: "I can't wait for you to meet mom"

Dallas: Beefy, bow-legged, beer-drinking cowboys dressed in brooks brothers' best. Smooth-talking Texans who could charm the pants right off you. They may be in petroleum products, but not necessarily the JR Ewing coveted  
Motto: "Everything in Texas is BIG"

Washington: Career and staus-obsessed clean cut networking their way up the ladder. More button down than a lands' end catalog, more lawyers than New York, boring in bed.
Motto:' I was dining with the President last night"

Miami: Tanned Cuban beauties in extravagant Versace outfits. Aspiring models working as waiters by day and go-go dancers by night.  
Motto: "oh my god! I've got a hangnail!"

Philadelphia: Muscled Italian men in tight white t-shirts and even tighter jeans. Blue collar workers or at least blue collar taste. South Jersey accents.  
Motto: "YO!"

Atlanta: Frat boys turned Southern belles. dressed in madras or day glo pant often with whale or pheasant embroidery. Good ol'boy who work for their fathers and keep some unsuspecting woman in tow for charity balls.  
Motto: "Tomorrow is another day."

San Francisco: Men to be admired. They've stared hell in the face and lived to tell.More leather and Levi than in the lone state state. Clones that are almost anachronistic in the 90's
Motto: "pride"

Minneapolis: Tall blond, strapping swedes. Even more homespun then the men of Chicago. Executives in agribusiness or northwest flight attendants. Lots of great sweaters.  
Motto: "skoal"

Seattle: Moss enthusiasts enjoying stable-relationships bliss or grunge lumberjack with correct social conscience. with more cappuccino counters than slugs on the sidewalk, there's good reason guys are sleepless.  
Motto: "we like it wet."

Salt Lake City: Adventurous men of pioneer stock and the lost pink sheep of the Mormon flock gathering at alternative temples where a joyous chorus is heard.  
Motto: "Come West, young men."

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