Tuesday, October 7, 2008


XY.com is the online home of XY Magazine, the only national magazine dedicated solely to the interests and needs of young gay men, in print since 1996.

XY is a glossy, color magazine, published bi-monthly, and known best for its original photography, brazenly honest commentary on politics and culture, review of film, music and literature, reader contributions, advice on surviving young and gay, and a rather dark sense of humor.

XY is a gay male youth-oriented magazine published in the United States of America. Its name is a reference to the XY chromosome pair found in males.

When XY launched in 1996, according to the publisher, the average age of its readers was 22. This has since declined to 18 as of 2001, a demographic shift largely attributable to an increase in under-18 readers, "because people were coming out at younger ages."

This magazine is the worst of all gay magazines, Where youth, and looks are a must, meaning that to be cool and hip in our community you must be slim aka a twink, or a very nice built body. This Magazine exclude the majority of the gay community. Basically this mags say that to be cool you must look like our cover boys, if you don't then you don't count.To be in the in crowd you must look like us 100%, if not please move to the back of the bus.

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