Monday, October 27, 2008

SNT: Sorry Sight to see, 20 million for Marriage vs. 1 million for Aids

A down economy may have hurt donations, but AIDS Walk Atlanta had one of its largest years, according to organizers, as the Oct. 19 event pushed close to 12,000 attendees in one of the most diverse fundraisers in Atlanta.

Despite the recent economic troubles, AIDS Walk Atlanta organizers expect to come close to the 2008 amount raised of $1.017 million.

"We're in a tough economic period in our country right now. All of us feel a little bit worried and a little bit hopeless, but I want you to look around at all of these people. Even in times like these, 10,000 people come out and declare that all people deserve hope," AID Atlanta Executive Direct Tracy Elliot told attendees before the five-kilometer walk stepped off from 10th Street in front of Piedmont Park.
How nice, this walk for Aids event raises over 1 million dollars. Sorry Folks this is just plain sad, yet:

"I think you're going to see some breakthrough gifts in the next few days," Guerriero said. Since the No on Prop. 8 campaign put out an SOS roughly a week ago, donations have been running close to $1 million per day -- a remarkable feat, he said, and one that has No on 8 poised to cross the $20 million mark shortly.
 update: 10/27/08: from Towleroad

Associated Press: California gay marriage ban a big money race. "At least 64,000 people from all 50 states and more than 20 other countries have given money to support or oppose a same-sex marriage ban in California, reflecting broad interest in the race that some consider second in national importance only to the presidential election. Ten days before the vote on Proposition 8, campaign finance records show that total contributions for and against the measure have surpassed $60 million." More on the money race from CBS.

How nice we can raise over 20 million for the right to marry, yet not fight a disease that is killing us. How nice we can raise 20 million to fight hate and bigots, but not Aids

How nice that we can pull this type of money together so we can get marry, but that same marriage isn't recognize in other states nor by the federal government. While those who can't afford medicines to fight their illness.

How nice we can raise this type of money for something that isn't going to happen over night while many of our community are dying.
I want to thanks my fellow fags and dykes for declaring Marriage is more important than life. Thanks to all the Hollywood Faggots and Dykes (even those that are in the damn closet, you know who you are) as well. Yes please raise all the fucking money you can to get Marry while so many other LGBTs are dying of AIDS. Why can't we get this type funds raised for Aids as we can for this stupid ass reason?

why do we what to emulate the str8's, why can't be just be happy with who and what we are. I guess it is true that the gays truly wants to be str8.

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